a little bit about me...

what better way to start blogging than with some fun facts about this gal right here....



I am 25 years old

I am happily married to this dream boat



we got married on new years eve 2013

best. day. ever. 

actually though, who doesn't look like they're having a good time? 


i have a small obsession with my dog

that face though... i die EVERY TIME i look at him

i'm that girl at the party that starts showing people pictures of her dog when they never asked


nothing makes me happier than traveling to a place i've never been before


i love starting my mornings off with a little coffee and a lot of jesus

i love anything potatoes

I did my first updo on my sister for her homecoming when i was 14 years old... it looked pretty bad.

if we are hanging out, and i'm bored, i will ask to braid your hair


after a long day of work, or just a monday night while watching the bachelor, i love relaxing with a glass of wine


the most spontaneous thing i've ever done was waking up at 4 am,  flying to venice beach, and then flying home that night. one of my favorite memories i have with my husband.


my husband (christian) and i met on a plane, where we were both going to a bible school in germany

long story short... became best friends, had our first kiss on new years eve 2011 in paris, did long distance, got engaged a year later, and got married a year after that.

christian is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i'm kind of obsessed with him.



I am a freakishly on-time person

i am obsessed with anything beauty... which is why i love my career so much

i love cooking, and eating... 


i have an unhealthy addiction to the tv show friends.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.31.20 AM.png

I have this weird obsession with palm trees and I have to take a picture of one every time I'm in California.


I have lived in Colorado the MAJORITY of my life (born in minnesota though), i moved to california to be with christian, but we ended up moving back to colorado, and we love it!



I wanted to add this blog portion to my website so that my current/future clients can get a little taste of who i am/who they will be working with, to show tips and tricks i have learned in my career, what i am doing in life, and just some fun photos along the way! Thanks for reading!